Is your home safe?  Or Is It Toxic?

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You may not know this, but you are constantly exposed to toxins in your home, especially your bathroom, your food and your drink. Many years ago, my neighbour first approached me with this information and I was surprised that the government allowed toxins to be included in the products I thought were safe for me to use in my home, food and personal care and my wife’s cosmetics.


This 22 minute video explains the situation in America but, as the drug and chemical companies are international, so is this chemical situation. The video is called “10 Americans”.


I soon learned that governments do allow this, and the media does not report this, because of the powerful nature of the companies that supply the products. You see, these companies have powerful lobbyists in each country in which they operate, putting pressure on the various governments, and huge advertising budgets they lavish on the media who carry their advertising to make money.


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Just to start you off…

A selection of chemicals

A selection of chemicals

You may not be aware but there are about 5,000 new chemicals released on to the market every week.

Three very important reasons why you should be worried about this.

1. The human body is not designed to deal with most of these chemicals, they are not compatible with human chemistry and they have the potential to cause harm.

2. Some of these newly released chemicals are only tested on the purpose for which they were made. In many cases, the manufacturers have no idea what side-effects (if any) may occur.

3. No one has ever tested these chemicals by mixing them with other chemicals and the ramifications of what might happen is staggering.

For instance, my brother had Parkinson’s Disease for many years and controlled the symptoms with prescription drugs. When he was rushed to hospital with pneumonia, the doctors applied drugs for the pneumonia, knowing that he was already taking the Parkinson’s drugs. Unfortunately, the combination of these killed him, even though they were both prescribed.  Because this happens a lot, they actually have a name for it.  It is called “iatrogenic disease” and is the 3rd most fatal disease in the USA.

We have to protect against some chemicals

We have to protect against some chemicals


We all know that there are government regulatory authorities who oversee these companies and check their products. But the fact is there are just too many chemicals and not enough government inspectors.

So the governments decided to create a self-regulatory system, called MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) where the companies can test the products prior to release. They send the MSDS report to the government and a report to the customer with the product. This report accompanies the product, giving details of the chemical, how safe it is, and what protection needs to be employed when handling the chemical and transporting it.

All very well and good, you say, surely the manufacturer knows all the properties of its new creation.


But I keep thinking back to the 1950s release of Thalidomide!

And this is only ONE example, there are lots more, like DDT, like Carbon Tetrachloride, like Asbestos, like PCBs, like Radium, etc.

Need I say more?

So you really need to identify and question all the products and ingredients to which you are exposed.


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