A New Business Model – In Pre-Launch

Phase 1 – the USA and Canada


Thank you for trusting your email address to me.

As I said, this offer is only available to USA and Canadian residents at this time.  If you are not living in these countries, please email me to register your interest in your country!

If you are residing in the USA or Canada, you need an Invite Code to proceed.

We have been issued with a few Invite Codes for special people.  These are valid for  48 hours only. 

 Here is YOUR Invite Code: 8D4M1L  Make a note of this code –  but, be aware, you are sharing this code with several other marketers, so you need to act quickly.

Take your Invite Code, click >>>on this link<<<,  the next page shows a clock countdown. Click on the “Learn More” button and enter your Invite Code into the appropriate place on the next page.  If you receive an ‘already used’ or an ‘expired’ message or it just will not accept your code,  >> click here << to request a fresh Invite Code.